A Bit About Flossy!

My name is Flossy Gibbon. I am an events and portrait photographer, working mainly in London, Surrey and the South East. My main objective when taking photos is to capture a moment and make it a memory; I believe everyone should enjoy the pleasures of a potentially missed expression or beautiful situation. In my spare time, I love to work on smaller projects and travel. I’m constantly striving to capture the world around me.

Quick Bio

Maria Portrait.jpg

Name: Flossy Gibbon

Age: Somewhere in my 20’s

Location: Here, there and everywhere…. But mainly Surrey, London and the South East

Likes: Chocolate, Wine, Travel and (guess what...) Photography (Big surprise there)

Dislikes: Bad Customer Service, Bright Sunshine and Slow Computers

Favourite thing about Photography?

Meeting awesome people and getting to capture a moment in their life!

A Photography Quote:

“Photography is the best cure for a bad memory